Rangers Take 2 of 3 from Boston, Roll Along

It’s another Sold-Out Saturday at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington and the weather is once again H-O-T! The Red Sox have come to the Lone Star State for the first time this year. And just like the Yankees (dare I compare the Red Sox to the Yankees, huh?) Boston has ammased a huge following. Red, Red everywhere!

During batting practice, new co-owner of the Rangers, Chuck Greenberg, was out in the home-run porch in center field talking to Rangers employees. My dad and I went on over in hopes of meeting co-leader of the new era in Arlington. My dad shook hands with Greenberg and had a baseball signed. My dad introduced me to Greenberg and I too shook hands with him. Now I am truly sold on him. He took time to talk to everyone who came up to him. He truly is committed to the fans.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia was called up becasue Kevin Cash was put on the DL. Salty was seen wearing No.39. He was also seen taking ground balls over at first base which leads me to believe that Boston could be trying to convert Salty into a first baseman because of the thoratic outlet syndrome he had/has…

The following picture represents what baseball is all about . A little kid stood behind the red lines that block off the people from the field that are selected to stand on the field during batting practice . J.D. Drew invited the kid to step onto the field by lifted the rope? up. The kid refused at first but agreed the second time Drew lifted up the rope. Drew introduced the little boy to no other than David Ortiz. Big Pappi bent down to talk to him, signed his baseball and then offered a fist bump. How cool is that?

Jonathan Pappelbon signed during BP but he was the only Red Sock who did.

Salty, Varitek, etc

To the game!

Early in the game an announcement was made from Greenberg and Nolan Ryan thanking the fans and Announcer Chuck Morgan made the announncement concerning the reduction in the price of beer, other food, parking, and the drop in price of hot chocolate from $3 to $1.
Another great change made was that t-shirts are now thrown in the nosebleed sections, not just those closest to the field.

My sister (who will be leaving for college next Monday), dad, and I had to leave from our seats in the 344 section of the ballpark because someone really smelt bad. It was hot, the park was crowded, a wind barely blew. The smell was worse when the Red Sox cheered and my dad said someone must of cheered for them by raising up their arms.

During about the seventh inning, a fan was selected to arrange giant cards on the green hill in center field , Greene’s Hill, to guess the total attendance for that night’s game. I remember this use to be done waaaay back when Pudge and the rest of the old team use to still be Rangers. Usually a word would be spelled out such as “fireworks”. The number arranged was 43,080- the third consecutive sold-out night in Arlington.

In the bottom of the 7th, Vlad Guerrero flied out. If I had any say, I would of DH’d Cruz, put Borbon in the field and given Vlad the night off because he’s slumping pretty bad right now. Nelly Cruz tripled but was unable to be brought home by Murphy and Cantu. In the top of the 8th, Murphy had been moved to right, Hamilton to left and Julio Borbon in center. Cruz had to have hurt himself, I thought. Cruz did hurt his right hamstring as fans would learn later that night and now as I am typing, he is on the DL.

We Ranger fans were certain that our team would be able to overcome the one run defecit but Bill Hall singled off Darren O’Day in the bottom of the 9th to bring in Mike Lowell and Kalish scored when Borbon dropped Scutaro’s fly ball off Matt Harrison. But hopes, for the most part, were still high. In the bottom of the inning, Scott Achinson relieved Jon Lester who had ptiched, well, nothing short of magnificent. Colby Lewis did great too, only gving up one run. The umnp just didn’t like to fall strikes for the Rangers. About 15% of the crowd had gone home. In the words of Brooks and Dunn (this is Texas), “That ain’t no way to go”. Support the team, Ranger fans! Michael Young failed to rally but Josh Hamilton hit a homer to left field. Spirits were lifted. Vlad singled and Mitch Moreland pinch hit for Borbon. Vlad tried to steal second but was thrown out. Moreland struck out.

Ohhh well…

On Sunday…

Sunday was a day game and it was even hotter than Saturday. On day games, there’s limited places to hide from the burning sun, no where to hide from the heat.

C.J. Wilson was pitching for Texas and he pitched GREAT. Aside form walking Saltalamacchia who had recieved a hearty applause from both Texas and Boston fans (after all, he did win us Opening Day and was one of my favorite Rangers) in the first inning, it was 1-2-3 .

Texas got things rolling early against Matsuzaka. In the bottom of the second, Cantu singled and Mitch Moreland walked. Teagarden laid down a bunt and moved the runners over.

There wasn’t any more action until the bottom of the 7th inning. Moreland singled (I like this kid. Let’s not trade him.) and Teagarden helped move Moreland to second . Andres Blanco grounded out and Moreland moved to third. Borbon tried to bunt his way on and was successful in doing so and Moreland scored. Andrus singled and Matsuzaka was done for the day. Delcarmen came in to pitch and Michael Young homered to center field! Three run homer!

It was around this time that Chuck Greenberg left his seat by Nolan and was then spotted in the center field bleachers mingling with fans. I like that guy. He is the one in the red polo in the picture.

After the first two Sox batters in the top of the eight, Hall and Kalish, were out, Patterson singled and Washington came to take C.J. out. Wilson recieved a standing ovation. Pedro Strop, newly brought up (he’s been up 4 times this season). Patterson moved to second on a wild pitch. Scutaro doubled and brought in Patterson. Darnell McDonald homered…oh boy…Victor Martinez struck out.

Josh Hamilton was hit by a pitch on the foot to start the bottom of the inning. Blanco eventually RBI’d Hambone and Borbon brought in Teagarden.

In the bottom of the ninth to close out the game, Neftali Feliz was on the mound. And yes it was a win!

The final score was 7-3,Texas. C.J. Wilson is now 11-5.

That was my last game before I go back to school but the season isn’t over! I am counting on a postseason as all Ranger fans are.

A Well Deserved Night

The skies were blue and the clouds were fluffy- a perfect sky just like ones you’d see in a Pixar movie. The temperature could of been worse- if it did hit 100 degrees it sure didn’t feel like it (it felt more like 95). The team you love to hate,The New York Yankees, are in town for a two game series and I hoped to get a feel of that playoff atmosphere.

The Yankee fans filled the outside of the stadium. Hats,shirts in navy blue and jerseys in pinstripes. Of the signs I saw- one said ” #2 is my #1″ and another displayed “I want your bod A-Rod”. HAHAHA…

Inside, things were pretty calm until the Yankees came out for batting practice. Everybody ran for the third base side. A lady dropped her phone, a couple tried to hurry their little kid up, even a guy and his son decked out in Hamilton jerseys ran for the Yankees.

and after…

Nobody signed but Mariano Rivera’s son threw balls into the center field crowd and A-Rod threw three balls into the crowd (which might I add was pretty odd considering it was A-Rod).

Yankees, Yankees, Yankees! That’s what the majority of the crowd was wearing (except for the guy wearing a Josh Beckett jersey just asking to get beat up).

To the Game!

On the mound for the Rangers was lefty C.J. Wilson and other than giving a walk to A-Rod, he had a great inning. A.J. Burnett, making his start, had a 1-2-3 inning and it was also 1-2-3 foe him and C.J. until the bottom of the third when Bengie Molina finally singled. No score. It was the top of the third when C.J. fielded the ball and made the great dive to get Derek Jeter out at first.
In the top of the fourth things got sloppy when both Michael Young and Elvis Andrus errored…But the Rangers would be on the board first when Young singled and was eventually brought in when Nelson Cruz doubled.
Followed by the Ranger’s scoring, Derek Jeter was brought home when Nick Swisher doubled. David Murphy made an outfield assist when Marcus Thames singled and Swisher tried to come home. Swisher was out at the plate as Molina caught the ball from Murphy and made the play.

It was around this time that my dad and I left to find something to eat. I’m sorry and as much as I love that foot-long corn dog and the Hambino sandwhich (the named after Hamilton, which by the way isn’t there anymore ?why?) I will never eat at the ballpark again after seeing the report ESPN made on sport stadium food.

In the bottom of the sixth, the Great Hambino himself walked but was out at second when Vlad Guerrero grounded into what would have been a double play had Hambone not slid into second base hard enough, breaking up the double play. Cruz flied out but David Murphy hit a 2-run shot past the Ranger’s bullpen in right centerfield. Instead of just the usual fireworks coming from the centerfield scoreboard, fireworks blasted from all around the stadium. It was a great touch.

The”Yankees Suck” chant was going and some arguments broke out of course. A girl (Ranger Fan) had to be escorted out for dropping the F-word a couple of time and then the police woman (not a security guard) let her come back and then her boyfriend had to be escorted out but they let him come back. The boyfriend had to be escorted out one last time because offered to buy the Yankee fan a shirt if he converted into a Ranger fan. But he came back and he and the Yankee fan ultimately ended up shaking hands. The game almost ended up being another Stupid Tuesday.

During the 7th inning stretch, someone ran onto the field. I didn’t see where he jumped from but it was somewhere from right field I believe. I’m sorry I don’t have a picture to show!

Frankie Francisco came in to relieve Alexi Ogando who had come in for Darren Oliverwho had come in for Darren O’Day who had come in for C.J. The first batter Francisco faced was A-Rod who drove the ball to center field and put it on Greene’s hill. The Yankee fans cheered and the person who got the HR ball tossed it back onto the field. Francisco really angers me and * I could say so much more than that!*

In the top of the 9th, Neftali Feliz came in and The Yankees were unable to score which is why he’s the closer and not Francisco…
In the bottom of the ninth, David Murphy walked and Jorge Cantu moved Murph to 2nd. Molina flied out and Murph move to third. Hitting for Guzman was rookie Mitch Moreland.He was intentionally walked, a smart choice to get to Andrus who flied out to end the inning.

In the bottom of the 10th, the one and only Mariano Rivera stepped on the mound with a 0.88 ERA. The Rangers pounced on him. Young lead off with a single and Hamilton singled right after him. Guerrero grounded out but moved the runners. Nelson Cruz was intentionally walked- not a smart move. Somebody didn’t do their homework. The bases were loaded with only one out. David Murphy was at the plate. By now, the sold out crowd was on their feet for the majority. Murphy took the first ball for a strike but he would come out on top with a single, bringing Young home



Yes! DAVID MURPHY! If anyone at all deserved that moment, it was Murphy. He is the NICEST guy on the team (along with Dustin Nippert). He is a team player and a GREAT player. He has waited patiently and now he gets the chance to the hero for the Rangers for one more night along with the shaving cream pie.

Exiting the ballpark, the “Yankees Suck!” chant was strong and what a beautiful sound it was. Ranger fans tried to start a “Jeter sucks” chant but that one didn’t go too well. On the other hand, the chant for the most hated man in baseball, that one went pretty well 🙂

Your winning pitcher was Neftali Feliz and yor losing pitcher was the one that New Yorkers swear is untouchable, Mariano Rivera.

One more game to go int the series! And then it’s a day off and it’s a series against the Yankee’s No.1 rival, the Boston Red Sox. I will be at the game on Saturday and possibly Sunday. Sunday is a day game and it’d guanteed to be HOT outside. Not my favorite time to go to a game…

At Laaast!

Well Chuck Greenberg and Nolan Ryan are the winners in the bid for the Texas Rangers. All I can say is “Thank goodness!”

(Great 11-6 victory over the Mariners. Way to go, David Murphy! And also, Thank You Baltimore!)

Minor League Travels, Thoughts on Rangers Sale

Yesterday, my family and I made the trip up to Oklahoma to get on in some minor league action and to see Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg. Sandberg is the current manager of the Iowa Cubs, Chicago’s Triple-A team. Since Lou Piniella is retiring at the end of the season, you could make a guess that Sandberg will be filling his shoes.

It’s kind of sad to see Jarrod Saltalamacchia go to Boston in one of those many trades the Rangers have conducted. Salty was a fan friendly guy but you could also make a guess if he’ll ever play in the Show again due to that thoratic outlet syndrome and all the catching Boston has already.

Incase you were interested, the Oklahoma City Redhawks defeated the Iowa Cubs 5-1. Catcher Kevin Richardson has a great night going 3 for 4 with two doubles. I still prefer Kevin Richardson over Taylor Tegarden. Richardson is currently hitting .220, but Teagarden was struggling in Double-A…First Baseman Matt Brown went 2 for 4 with 2 doubles and 3 RBI’s…Chris Davis who was playing over at 3rd went 1 for 3 with 2 RBI’s and a walk…

And word is that Ian Kinsler will be making his rehab start there in OKC when the time comes around…

The big story is the SALE OF THE TEXAS RANGERS currently happening as I type. Last report was Mark Cuban (MARK CUBAN) has the highest bid. Personally I want the Greenberg/Ryan group to have the Rangers because you know what they’re going to do. I want the Rangers to be able to afford players and you know Cuban will take care of that. But what happens to the front office if the Cuban/Crane wins? What will happen to the overall team? The ballpark itself? This is Rangers history and either way things will never be never be the same again…

More Trade Action = Even More Promise of a Post-Season

Wow! Jorge Cantu is now a Ranger?

Vlad in the offseason along with Matt Treanor (who regardless of what anyone says has done a fantastic job), Bengie, Cliff Lee, and now Cantu-a tip of the cap to GM Jon Daniels and the rest of the Texas front office.Given for Cantu were two pitchers-Evan Reed and Omar Poveda…

The Rangers roster looks better every day and I can’t explain how excited I am to welcome Cantu and any more possible additions before the deadline hits.

Called up was prospect Mitch Moreland who I am excited to see play. With Ian Kinsler on the DL for the second time this season and Cantu coming in, I wonder who will be sent back down. Will it be Chris Davis or Moreland?

Dog Days of Summer? Not in North Texas! Well, OK, Maybe it is

Sunday was dog day in Arlington!

Unfortunatley it was too hot to take my Siberian Husky out to the ballgame. She really wanted to go support the Rangers in the drive for the post season. Seriously, she loves to watch the games T.V.

During a short Rangers batting practice (they had begun early), I spotted a number 2 jersey and, yeah, my worst fears were confirmed as Taylor Tegarden has been brought up from Double-A Frisco as Bengie Molina’s back-up because Matt Treanor has been placed on the 15-day DL. Teagarden had been sent down because his hitting was poor and his defense was even worse than that…

The world famous skateboarding dog and his owner threw out the first pitch. Former Pres. Bush and Laura Bush were also at the game and Bush was announced as a special guest where the majority of the un-sold out crowd stood up and clapped for them. Although I am tempted, I am not going to go into politics.

The news is that Dan Harren is now an Angel as they try to match what the Rangers have in Cliff Lee. That being kind-of-bad news, the good news is the Yankees have been ousted once again.

To the Game !!!!!:

1-In the bottom of the first, Speedy Josh Hamilton tripled to bring Michael Young and Ian Kinsler who had both singled.

2-And of course Torii Hunter would homer in the next inning…
In the bottom of the 2nd, Chris Davis walked. With two out, Andrus doubled and Chris Davis was playing some hard ball that night when he took out Jeff Mathis at the plate and was ultimately out.

3-In the bottom of the inning, Hamilton singled to bring in Kinsler. Vlad Guerrero tried to make it from first to third but was out.

4– David Murphy walked and then stole second. With a runner in scoring position, Chris Davis doubled to bring in a run.

6– Young singled, Davis scored. Davis had walked and then moved to second on a wild pitch.

7– Hideki “Godzilla” Matsui would homer with Bobby Abreu on base. Tommy Hunter’s night was done but not to be overlooked. He is truly one of the stronger starters in the Texas rotation along with C.J. Wilson.

9-With Neftali Feliz on the mound to close out the game, Hunter singled and so did Matsui. Alberto Callapso grounded into a fielder’s choice and Hunter scored. Howie Kendrick grounded out and Rivera followed his example.

Tommy Hunter is now 8-0 and Feliz got his 28th save.

The Rangers take the L.A. series but there’s plenty more of the halos and the A.L. West in the upcoming schedule. Oakland is in town on Tuesday after the day off on Monday.